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Democracy International berät Menschen, die ihr politisches Anliegen mit einer Bürgerinitiative oder Formen der Bürberbeteiligung realisieren möchten. Die rechtlichen Grundlagen sind oftmals komplex und kompliziert. Democracy International verhilft zu Klarheit.

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European Programme Manager

Democracy International Democracy International is a young, dynamic, international, non-governmental organization fighting for more democracy on the transnational, regional, and national levels. We are convinced that empowering citizens is essential to solving the big challenges of the 21st century. Therefore, we campaign and lobby for better electoral laws and for participatory and direct democracy. We also conduct research with partners to find ways to make transnational institutions more democratic. We advise activists in different countries.

Short Job Description: 

For our team in Cologne, Germany, we are seeking a programme manager for our campaigns and lobbying on the European level. Some of your main tasks will be:

  • Developing strategies
  • Organising campaigns
  • Communicating internally and externally
  • Raising awareness and conducting astonishing high-impact publicity actions for our campaigns

Do you have creative ideas, endurance and a passion for democracy? Apply! We are eager to meet you.

Background information:

Since its foundation, Democracy International has been campaigning for a more democratic and a more transparent European Union. In particular Democracy International campaigns to pursue these goals:

1. A democratic European Convention is the core demand of Democracy International’s campaign “Democratic Europe Now.” For the next three years, Democracy International is demanding that the European Parliament launches a two-year deliberation process, in which proposals for a more social and democratic EU constitution will be developed, based on discussions with citizens, civil society, representatives of local and regional communities, and national and European parliamentarians. The Convention should meet starting in 2019. At the end of its meetings, the constitution should be presented to all European citizens for a vote in a pan-European referendum.

2. A powerful EU Citizens’ Initiative. The EU Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is a successful product of the work of Democracy International and other civil society organisations throughout Europe. In force since April 1, 2012, the ECI has too many flaws to be powerful. So Democracy International is working on improving the ECI. Core demands include strengthening the political follow-up to successful ECIs. Organisers of ECIs should not face unnecessary burdens, such as carrying full personal liability or losing valuable time to collect signatures.

3. A transparent European Union. Democracy International demands that lobbyists must be obligated to register. Political representatives shall not have side jobs that involve lobbying. Cooling-off periods must prevent senior EU officials from taking on lobbying jobs within 5 years after leaving office. And the secret trilogue negotiations require more transparency and should be made the exception, not the rule. For us it is essential that we realize a true democratisation of the EU, in which the citizens have the right to influence major European questions.

About the role:

The new position requires the following tasks:

  • Operational execution of Democracy International’s campaigns, especially the continuation of the campaign “Democratic Europe Now”
  • Strong cooperation with the other team members of Democracy International
  • Developing new campaigns on the European level - Policy monitoring and research
  • Building a European wide network/alliance with NGOs, organisations and important stakeholders
  • Developing the political strategy of Democracy International regarding the European level and shaping policy positions
  • Communicating the campaigns through our public channels (Website, social media, mailings, events, and our partners’ communications) - Fundraising for the European programme of Democracy International

What we expect:

We expect experiences with campaigning and qualified knowledge regarding the European Union and their institutions, policies and structures.

What is important to us:

  • You have an academic degree in political sciences, social sciences or comparable studies
  • You have a proven track record that shows your organizational skills: e.g. experiences in citizen’s actions, campaigns or start-ups.
  • You have communication skills that allow you to communicate with press, politicians and partners
  • Proficiency in English and in another language (German, French or Spanish) is necessary (Proficiency: C1 level - Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment (CEFR))
  • You have a good understanding of EU politics
  • You have experience working with Content Management Systems (preferable Drupal)
  • You have a quick grasp in understanding new software and online tools
  • You enjoy travelling.
  • You are a team player
  • You are flexible, reliable and able to cope with pressure

Terms and conditions:

After a probation period of 6 months, the position will be full-time (5 days a week) with a permanent contract.

  • The office will be in Cologne, Germany.
  • The start date for the new position will be as soon as possible.
  • The salary will be on an NGO level.

How to apply:

To apply, please send us a single-page work sample that demonstrates your writing skills and professional knowledge. Please answer one of the following questions:

  • How can we create a European public sphere?
  • What does Europe mean to you? Tell us your personal story!

Please send your CV, cover letter and complementary materials by email to For further questions and for more details about the vacancy please contact us via the same email address or by phone: 0049 2203 59 28 67 (Andreas Müller)

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